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Splash Select  is an evergreen foliage plant commonly known as Polka Dot Plant. Also known as Hypoestes phyllostachya, this variety is a cultivar of the Madagascar native. It offers a mounded, spreading habit of 4-6" tall and 12-14" wide, with ovate variegated rose pink and green leaves. This plant excels indoors or as a bedding annual, reaching 10-18" tall in the garden. Heat and shade-tolerant, Splash Select Rose flourishes in partial sun and brings texture and contrast to summer containers or year-round houseplant collections. 

Growing Tip

For customers looking for striking foliage to add to a houseplant collection or annual landscape border. This cultivar offers many benefits, including shade tolerance, low maintenance, and attractive foliage. In landscape borders and outdoor containers, create a display of color and texture by growing this plant alongside Coleus, Begonia, Caladium, Impatiens, Nasturtium, Pansies, and Petunia. Indoors, enjoy Splash Select vibrant addition to any houseplant collection. 


Growing Tips


1. Space plants 12-16" apart in well-drained soil in a partly shady location for annual bedding growth. Alternatively, grow this plant indoors with bright indirect light.


2. Cut back flower spikes to encourage the plant's energy to develop the foliage.


3. Remove plants after frost and replace them in the spring, or grow them indoors.

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