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PERSIAN SHIELD Strobilanthes Dyerianus Starter Plant

PERSIAN SHIELD Strobilanthes Dyerianus Starter Plant

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Live arrival guaranteed in ALL seasons. Please do NOT leave on mailbox or doorstep bring in immediately


Ships bareroot no pot but we'll rooted over 3in tall


Strobilanthes (also called Persian Shield) is a tropical, evergreen sub-shrub that produces soft green and silvery-purple foliage on large leaves that can grow up to six inches long. These upright growers can be used in landscaping or indoors as a houseplant. In zones 9-10, Persian Shield will continue to look great all year long. In zone 9 (and occasionally in zone 8), it will die back but resprout in the spring if the roots are properly mulched. As a houseplant, Strobilanthes can survive for years under proper care. Homeowners will need to take special care to make sure the plant stays in a humid area with morning sun and mid-day to afternoon shade.House plants will need to be misted several times a week to maintain humidity and moisture levels.

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