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Diane Van Dyk Co.

Pagoda Butterfly Plant 1 Live Rooted Plant

Pagoda Butterfly Plant 1 Live Rooted Plant

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Live arrival guaranteed winter or summer (please dont leave outside in mailbox  bring in immediately upon delivery)

Ships well rooted, but no pot

Introducing the Pagoda Butterfly Plant, a beautiful and vibrant addition to any garden or outdoor space. This live rooted plant from Diane Van Dyk Co boasts a stunning orange color and is perfect for the seasons of summer, fall, and spring.

With a growth stage of seedling and medium to full sunlight requirements, this perennial is a great choice for those looking to attract butterflies to their garden. Its common name, Pagoda, adds a touch of exoticism to any landscape. Don't miss the chance to add this rare and unique butterfly plant to your collection.

Ships with no pot about 8 to 11in tall

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