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Mexican Hydrangea

Mexican Hydrangea

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These ship as full plants over 8in tall with leaves.  Leaves or flowers may fall during shipping.  Roots are very much alive and will easily produce more. These are without a pot/dirt. Picture shows example of probable flower color. Color may vary by plant.

These are easily grown and often kept in containers so they dont over spread

Perennial zones 8 to 10. Can be brought in for hard freezes

prefers sun - mostly shade and even moisture - regular water. Grows happily in well-drained, rich and average soil.

From Wikipedia

Clerodendrum bungei, commonly known as rose glory bower, glory flower or Mexican hydrangea (though not a true Hydrangea and not from Mexico),[1] is a species of flowering plant in the deadnettle family, Lamiaceae. Native to China, it is commonly grown in gardens as an ornamental shrub. It has escaped from cultivation and is naturalized in the Americas.


Clerodendrum bungei is a deciduous shrub that grows up to 2 m in height. Its leaves are cordate (heart-shaped), 10–20 cm long and not quite as wide, and have coarsely toothed edges. The flowers, which appear in late summer, are coloured rose, crimson, or pink, and arranged in a conspicuous rounded terminal inflorescence known as corymb, which is up to 10 cm in diameter. As in other Clerodendrum species, the calyx is five-lobed. At the centre of each flower there is a slender tube c. 3–4 cm long which terminates in five spreading white lobes. While the flowers are fragrant, crushed leaves have an unpleasant odour.[2]


Clerodendrum bungei possess extrafloral nectaries that produce a sweet secretion attracting ants (and other arthropods), which in return often protect plant from herbivory.[3][4]

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