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Variegated Dorotheanthus Red (aptenia)/Livingstone Daisy

Variegated Dorotheanthus Red (aptenia)/Livingstone Daisy

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Our Dorotheanthus Liners (also called Livingstone Daisy) are native to South Africa and are very easy to grow. These unique low-growing plants produce a small red flower and can be used alone or in combination planters. As heat- and drought-tolerant plants, dorotheanthus make good groundcovers in landscapes as well.

Dorotheanthus will flower naturally as the days lengthen and continue to flower all season long. They grow best under high light conditions; they do not tolerate lower light levels in the landscape or greenhouse. To improve growth, branching and flowering, keep them in bright light.


Live arrival guarantee any problems just send picture


This is for 1 live rooted plant currently housed in 4in pot,ships no pot approx 2 in tall


Dorotheanthus variegated Candy Apple Red (aptenia), also known as Livingstone Daisy, Mezoo Trailing Red, and Aptenia Cordifolia, is a tender perennial succulent native to South Africa. This plant offers a spreading, trailing habit of 6-10" tall and 9-20" wide, with tiny red flowers blooming in summer, opening in the morning and closing at night. Perennial in zone 9-11, Dorotheanthus is an attractive annual or houseplant in colder climates where it can also overwinter in containers indoors. This plant is heat- and drought-tolerant and fast-growing in full sun with minimal water. Attract pollinators to the landscape with Dorotheanthus Candy Apple Red (aptenia) in garden borders, hanging baskets, mixed succulent containers, and rock gardens. Enjoy cheerful flowers indoors with variegated Candy Apple Red on a brightly lit windowsill.

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