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Diane Van Dyk Co.

Lantana "SALSA " Live Rooted Starter Spicey New Color

Lantana "SALSA " Live Rooted Starter Spicey New Color

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Live arrival guaranteed winter or summer (please dont leave outside in mailbox  bring in immediately upon delivery)

Ships well rooted, but no pot

Add some flare to your garden with this live rooted starter plant from Diane Van Dyk co. The Lantana 'SALSA" boasts a colorful spicey red  hues perfect for any season of interest, whether it be summer, fall, or spring. This  plant comes in a rooted plant plug form about 3 in tall and thrives in full sun

With its specy red colored blooms, this lantana is sure to be a showstopper in any yard or garden. Each pack contains one plant plug, ready to grow and add some unique color to your landscape. Shop now and bring some vibrant beauty to your outdoor space.

Lantana are fragrant natives of tropical regions in the Americas and Africa. These broadleaf evergreen shrubs are drought-hardy in landscapes and cold-hardy to slightly below freezing, so they can be grown as perennials in Florida and other warm regions. Upright varieties are best grown in containers for landscape use, but they also work well in combination planters. Adding lantana to your spring program will attract pollinato

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