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Begonia rex LARGE 'ESCARGOT' Live Plant

Begonia rex LARGE 'ESCARGOT' Live Plant

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Live arrival guaranteed winter or summer (please dont leave outside in mailbox  bring in immediately upon delivery


Plants are well rooted and growing leaves. They ship without pots

This stunning Begonia Escargot live plant is perfect for any indoor or warm outdoor garden. With its unique spiral leaves and multicolor blooms, it's sure to be a showstopper in your collection. 



Common Name:

Begonia rex 'Escargot'


Ornamental Features:

The leaves have a very unique spiral and have a catching mix of silver and green. Grows very tight with leaves becoming very large at maturity. Flowers are white and are produced in early summer.


Habit and Growth Rate:

Has a round, mounding habit. Grows to 12 inches tall.


Landscape Value:

A great interior plant that will work on a patio in the spring and summer.



Zone 10



Needs well-drained soil. Prefers pH 5.8-6.2 and moderate feed. Allow drying between watering. Use 70-80% shade to avoid yellowing. Responds to growth regulators.


Pot Size & Finish Time:

4 inch (8 to 12 weeks), 6 inch (16 to 20 weeks) and 8 inch (20 to 24 weeks).


Propagation Methods:

Tissue culture.


Pest/Disease Problems:

Leaf Spot.


More Information:

MEDIA: Airy mix of Peat, Bark and Perlite MEDIA MOISTURE MANAGEMENT: Range of 2 (on 1-5 scale, 5 being an aquatic) LIGHT: >1200 Ft candles HUMIDITY: >40% to 70% SOIL TEMP: keep between 55 and 85 degrees F PH: 5.8-6.2


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