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Alternanthera Partytime leaf Live plant 2+in

Alternanthera Partytime leaf Live plant 2+in

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Alternanthera Partytime

1 Live plant in 4 in pot ships bareroot no pot. These are housed outside there may be some natural leaf damage

Its a baby so Please plant in small pot and grow some size to it before planting in your garden

Wonderful bright pink splashes on leaves. Amount may vary,appropriate sun will bring out more pink

also known as Joseph's Coat, Calico Leaf, or Parrot Leaf, is a versatile foliage plant native to South America. This variety has a mounding habit of 10-12" tall and 16-18" wide, with delicate narrow ruby-red leaves. Alternanthera flourishes in full to partial sun with moderate water. Evergreen and perennial in zone 10-12, this tropical plant brings

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leaf damage may occur during shipping, the root/rhyzome/bulb is very much alive. please plant and treat as such. Ships bareroot, no pot or dirt. Any problems require picture proof for refunds
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