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Large Abutilon Lucky Lantern YELLOW Plant

Large Abutilon Lucky Lantern YELLOW Plant

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Hybrid Lucky Lantern Yellow, also known as Flowering Maple or Chinese Bellflower, is a perennial dwarf shrub developed by Plant Haven International from the Australia-native Abutilon. This plant has a compact, rounded habit of 12" tall and wide, offering yellow bell-shaped flowers from summer until frost. Perennial and evergreen in zone 8-11, Lucky Lantern will bloom nearly year-round in warm climates. This plant flourishes in full sun, attracting bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to landscape borders, front porch baskets, or patio containers. Hybrid Lucky Lantern Yellow tolerates heat and drought, requiring little care to offer long-lasting vibrant color. Try Patio Lantern for a slightly larger variety. Pair Yellow with Tangerine and Red for a stunning show of color.




Hybrid Lucky Lantern Yellow is for people  looking for a low-maintenance flowering perennial shrub for a patio container or small landscape bed. This hybrid offers many benefits to you, including a compact, rounded habit of 12", profuse yellow blooms from summer until frost, and evergreen foliage. Lucky Lantern is heat and drought tolerant, flourishing in full sun in landscape borders, hanging baskets, or containers. This plant brings a tropical flair to the patio, attracting pollinators and people alike.


Growing Tips


1. Plant Hybrid Lucky Lantern Yellow in large containers, hanging baskets, or directly in the landscape in full sun. In hot climates, choose a location with afternoon shade. Water regularly during the first year to establish a healthy root system. 


2. Trim back after the bloom season.


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