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Herb Lavender PROVENCE LIVE PLANT Aromatic & Spa Herb

Herb Lavender PROVENCE LIVE PLANT Aromatic & Spa Herb

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Ships well rooted, starter plant 1+ in tall




Herb known as Lavandula Intermedia Provence is widely used for its aroma, flavor, and visual appeal in both culinary and ornamental applications. also known as Lavandula x intermedia, is a French Lavender hybrid. This perennial flowering plant offers aromatic purple flower spikes from summer to fall on evergreen foliage Provence' grows to be 30-36” tall and is an excellent choice for creating an aromatic hedge. with an upright habit of 18-30" tall . Cold-hardy in zone 5-9, this plant flourishes in full sun with minimal water, attracting pollinators and resisting deer. Fragrant flower spikes are excellent for cutting, drying, and use in perfumes, sachets, and medicinal applications. Lavender is well-suited to borders, cutting gardens, and mass plantings.

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