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Coreopsis "RUBY FROST"

Coreopsis "RUBY FROST"

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Ships bareroot, no pot. We'll rooted over 2in tall


Ruby Frost, also known as Tickseed, is a perennial flowering plant native to North America. Terra Nova developed this variety for its unique coloring. This plant offers a mounding habit of 16-26" tall and 32" wide, with ruby-red flowers with white edges blooming from June through September. Perennial in zone 6-10, Ruby Frost attracts bees and butterflies with delicate foliage and unique flowers. This plant brings cheer to landscape borders or patio containers, flourishing in full sun with minimal water. Grow this plant alongside our Black Eyed Susans for a distinctive color combination.

Helpful Tips 

For customers looking for a long-blooming perennial for mass planting or to add to a landscape border or container. Coreopsis offers many benefits, including low-maintenance care, good cold-hardiness to zone 6, and unique, attractive flowers. This plant brings bees and butterflies to the garden with delicate white-edged ruby-red flowers from June through September. Flourishing in full sun with minimal water, this plant is well-suited to landscape borders and mixed containers. Grow this plant alongside Echinacea and Campanula.

Growing Tips 


1. Space plants 30" apart in well-drained soil in full sun. 


2. Water regularly during the first year as the plant establishes a healthy root system. This plant requires only occasional water or more often in dry weather.

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